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3. Latin: Hospitalis pridem oblite
Nos Deus Illustret
Translation: Hospital long forgotten
We Illuminate God
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Well, I suppose there are a few things that would need permission.

First: The entirety of TSW is literally based in our world. As such pop-culture references can be expected while playing with him. If there is something that you would like left out, such as anything that would break the fourth wall for your character, then go ahead and tell me. Same goes for if you would like for him to break that said wall. :3

Secondly: One of his abilities as a blood mage is to cause cardiac arrest. Meaning that, if he wanted to, he could give your pup a heart attack on a whim. If that is not cool, then please let me know.

Thirdly: He's Illuminati. So there's a possibility that he might try and get information about your character, and the tower at large as well as what they know, through any means. These include, but are not limited to, blackmail, treachery, bribing, and hacking into logs and posts. If you are not interested in him doing any such thing, please let me know.

If you have any other questions or comments, then please list them here.

Also, trunk items.

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Player Information

Name: Alex
Personal Journal: deadliesthero
Age: 20
Contact Info: (email and aim) though I prefer pm.
Other Characters Played: N/A

Character Information

Character Name: Mitchell Dominic
Character Age: 19
Character Gender: Male
World Description: The Secret World

Mitchell himself is a part of the Illuminati faction. Finding what they offer to be far to good to be true; along with the fact that he had not really had much of a choice in the matter of joining from the start. Still, despite feeling uncomfortable with his current position, he feels that he has gained more from it than he has lost.
Character Background: Mitchell grew up as any normal kid, if not with a since of self-worth along with a curiosity for the world around him. With a dad as a banker and a mother as a Swedish chef, though he is an only child. Still he never really grew up wanting a sibling, being rather comfortable with his life as it was. In school he had been awarded fairly decent grades during his public school years, before going on to study for computer sciences at a Virginia college. It was there that his actual journey into the secret world had officially begun.

It was actually somewhat of a miracle that he had been able to pool together enough money to pay for both an on campus flat, along with his education, the young man looked as though he would lead into a normal, adult life. But that was soon to change one night in his sleep. During one particularly warm night, he had decided to leave his bedroom window open to allow some cool air to flow into his room. However a passing bee flew into his room, and subsequently his gaping mouth.

Swallowing the insect in turn, causing Mitchell to start choking, forcing him awake. Eventually, though, he fell back asleep, only to have a strange dream of a man and a woman talking to him in the middle of some sort of a cosmic void. As the scene played out, he found himself being enveloped in some form of energy. Waking up from his dream with a start before deciding to write it off. Well, that was until he reached over for a nearby shirt to get dressed, only for the piece of cloth to suddenly burst into blue flames. Shocked, he retracted his hand, causing the flames to dissipate.

At first he had thought that he was dreaming, though the fact that he couldn’t go back to sleep put a damper on that idea. Soon afterwards he began to exhibit more power than just some sort of strange pyromancy. Over the course of two weeks, he found himself unable to control the unknown force that was now raging inside his body. Blue lights, small fires, and untamed blasts of energy, were becoming the norm for him. What was worse about the entire situation was that, no matter how hard he tried; he just could not gain any form of control over those new powers. Eventually as a result, he withdrew from society, preferring to stay in his flat, lest he cause some sort of commotion.

However, it all came to a head when, during the last week, he released a particular large burst of energy, completely destroying the apartment. During the following days afterwards, he found himself starting to gain a semblance of control over his new powers. Mitchell was no able to, not only, manifest the fire and energy, at his own will, but also control it to a large degree. As a result, he began to gain enough confidence to start heading out into public once more, even returning to his classes again.

But that return to normalcy was, once again, disturbed by a knocking on his door. As soon as he had started to clean up the bits and pieces of his apartment, a strange man had visited him. The man claimed to have been from a talent industry that worked for a very specific client, and this client was interested in his powers. Of course the man claimed that those powers of his were “basic thaumaturgy”. Normally he would have laughed at the other man and showed him the door, if it wasn’t for two, glaring facts. For one, the man actually knew about his abilities, for two, he had shown himself out just two minutes after arriving. To make matters worse, he left with a veiled threat, telling Mitch to either “find them, or they’ll find him.” And Mitchell was rather positive that he did not want them to find him.

So, he followed the directions that the man had given him before he left. It had taken him to a more run down street in Brooklyn, leading towards an old Laundromat. A rather creepy looking man, who was apparently also the owner for a tabloid magazine, ran the mat itself. The guy was completely obsessed with the secret group known as the Illuminati, as well as extremely paranoid, to the point where he should probably be institutionalized.

At first Mitchell had wondered just why he was led here, up until the man started babbling on and on about the Illuminati, and how to find them. The insane man told him to “follow the yellow brick road that led to their labyrinth.” Leaving with those parting words, Mitchell began to contemplate what his next move should be. If what that man said was true, and the Illuminati were not only real, but also the ones who had contacted him, did he really want to continue? Mitch did not particularly like the decisions that he was being given, either. Join, or have something extremely unpleasant happen to his being. Deciding that it was most likely better for him in the long run, he decided to continue on his quest.

Though the man problem was, how was he going to find them? What did the man mean by the golden brick road, and labyrinth. As he pondered those thoughts, he started to notice a particularly high number of security cameras. Finding the volume of them to be more than a little suspicious, Mitchell decided to follow them like a trail of breadcrumbs. Eventually he ended up in front of a passageway with a pyramid and eye near it. Taking this as the entrance to the so-called “labyrinth”, he decided to toss caution to the wind and enter. Heading down the flight of stairs into the tunnels underneath New York City. The vastness of it all was rather overwhelming. However, he started to notice small clues on the pathway that he was supposed to take, through the hands and pyramids drawn on the walls. But even with those directions, it seemed to be forever until he was able to find the end of the maze of tunnels.

Upon exiting he found himself faced in front of, what looked to be, some sort of metal detector, flanked on each side by two people wearing gas masks and suits. Nervously, he approached the detector, while keeping a close eye on the two people. But as soon as he passed through it, an alarm went off. His head began to hurt with a splitting headache and before long; he fell over as darkness overcame his vision.

When finally woke up, he found himself strapped to an operating table with an old man looking down on him. The man began to rant about Project MKUltra, and how interesting and full of potential it was. Then he began to give Mitch the run down as to what was going to happen. He was going to be put under a drug-induced trance, while a looped recording of a disaster that had happened within Tokyo would be played. With this thought in mind, as well as knowing that he was completely trapped, he relaxed as the drug entered into his body before being put under hypnosis.

When he woke next, Mitch found himself in a subway system, standing next to four other people, each one apparently hailing from a different society. What’s more was that he was not viewing the scene from his own body, but from that of another person. During this time, he was pitted against untold horrors. It was some sort of filth that controlled their bodies now corrupted the people, who had once been innocent commuters.

After fighting through wave, after wave of corrupted individuals, Mitchell was eventually left alone. Moving along deeper into the subway system, he eventually came across an extremely strange anomaly. The subway system seemed to have been just torn apart and flung into some other dimension. Leaving behind it was what looked like something out of a sci-fi book’s, description of another solar system. Complete with planets and a sun. Eventually, his vision was interrupted by what appeared to be static. A great pressure began to overcome his brain before Mitch, yet again, passed out. When he woke again, he was still in the lab, though this time he wasn’t strapped down.

The doctor had then proceeded to give him clearance for operational duty, before leaving him with parting words to not take out the microchip that was implanted on his spinal column. After being ushered out of the lab, Mitch found himself being pointed towards the headquarters of the Illuminati. After wandering around for a minute, he found his way towards their training area. During this time he was given the basic run down of how his Anima, or the force that he used to destroy his apartment, was used. After getting the basic gist of how to use his Anima, Mitch was given the choice to use several different weapons. However, there was a catch, he could only leave with one. After testing out each weapon, and their different uses when combined with his Anima, he eventually settled on the use of Blood magic to start himself off with. After making his choice, as well as practicing with both a book of spells for the practice, as well as the other weapons, he headed out to the office of one Kirsten Geary.

After being given the run down of what her job as a contact for him was, being to help send him mission details and to help shape him as a future agent of the Illuminati; Mitch was immediately given his first mission. That mission being to investigate the strange goings on an island off the coast of Maine. Before he left, wondering just how he was going to get to the next state over, Kirsten called after him, telling him to use Agartha.

At first he had no idea what she was talking about, but still followed the directions that he was given. Needless to say, he wasn’t very disappointed. Upon entering through, what he guessed to be, some sort of portal, he found himself standing on the branch of a very large tree. Eventually he ran into a strange, old man standing next to a large robotic figure. The man explained to Mitch that he was currently in the center of the world; and that all of those branches stretched to different areas of the Earth. It was quite a bit to take in, but he eventually regained his barring and found the portal to Solomon Island. After arriving he was greeted by another man who had given him the run down of what was happening.

Not only did a thick fog that no one could travel through surround the island, and if they did they came back as zombie-like beings, but other, horrific monsters were now wondering the island. At first Mitch was terrified, especially when the man pointed him towards the town with just a good luck. However, he steeled himself with the knowledge that he was at least sent in with some training, as well as knowledge of how to use magic. So, after fighting his way through hordes of the undead, albeit, struggling quite a bit at the beginning, he found himself where most of the survivors were. They had held themselves up at the Sheriff’s office, and were doing fairly good thus far. Though their supplies had been dwindling, and the hordes of monsters were only growing. As such, Mitch decided to help out the group of people by eliminating the marauding, undead; and bring some supplies back to the base. It was during this mission that he was able to scrounge himself up an assault rifle, as well as some ammunition to help him with his travels.

After taking care of those needs, he found himself being pointed towards a boat whose crew apparently, found something dark while out at sea. Following this clue led him to an abandoned ship. Along the way he had found himself beset upon by hordes of, what could only be described as, fish-men, wandering around the beach. Fighting past them and towards the boat before getting to work. After searching through the wreckage; he had found the Captain’s log. Upon finding it, he found a few of the names of the crew, most of who went to see one Doctor Bannerman. Heading back towards the sheriff’s office, where he was surprised to see the good Doctor was based. After talking to the man, Mitchell was then pointed in the direction of his house, where all of the files are kept.

Upon arriving, and searching high and low, he eventually found the man’s computer. Using clues that he had found around the house, as well as the Internet on his phone, he eventually succeeded in hacking into the man’s database. After searching through the files, he was given the names of three men that had gone to see the doctor. Searching through town for the men, two of whom Mitchell had found dead, he eventually found a clue outside of the third man’s house. A trail of slime led to one of the sewers. Upon entering the sewers, he found himself, yet again, being attacked from the fish beings. However, the Illuminati member was able to beat them off before finding himself face to face with his target.

The man, who was slowly transforming into one of the fish people, told Mitch to follow the Siren’s song that was playing through out the island. After leaving the doomed man to his fate, Mitch eventually found himself following a very peculiar tune in the air. Convinced that this was the song that the man had talked about, he followed it to its origin’s. Eventually he found himself wandering around in a secret, underground bunker, one that was once used by the Illuminati for storage.

After navigating his way through the tunnels, he eventually found himself inside an office like room. Taking notice to the fact that someone had obviously been there recently, with a map and other notes laid out on a nearby desk. However, before he could investigate, two other people moved into the room. Quickly, he hid himself and listened to the two talk. After listening to the two talk, Mitch discovered that the two had been digging through old Illuminati archives on the island. The leader of the group, who he would learn would be named Beaumont, seemed to be very interested in a particular artifact that was being held on the island.

Once the two had left, Mitchell began to look over the notes he had left behind. Grabbing a hold of the map, which had the nearby airport marked, as well as a note about the flight that Beaumont had apparently taken. Taking this as a clue, Mitch fought his way to the marked area, where, once again, he found himself another clue that led to a house.

Heading all the way to the other side of the island, he began exploring for the marked house. During this little adventure, he had found himself at the “Overlook motel”. There he found a very disturbing sight. Monsters, which he would eventually associate as demons, were starting to pop up out of portals. After investigating this phenomenon, as well as closing a few of the portals, before sending a report back to Kirsten, who didn’t really seem all that worried about the fact. After this little adventure, he once again made his way towards the house.

After finding his next inquiry, and searching the property, Mitch entered into the basement. But after solving a puzzle that unlocked the door to a secret tunnel system, he found himself attacked by some sort of beast that was made out of pure blackness. After a quick tumble with the creature, he was eventually helped when a man, who was friends with the person that Mitch had met in front of the island’s portal. The man had been informed to keep an eye on Mitch. After helping out, he pointed Mitch into the direction of the Innsmouth academy. Parting with a good luck, before heading off in his own direction.

After walking for several hours, Mitch eventual found himself at the academy. Upon arriving, he found the place to be crawling with angry spirits, and maddened familiars, or beings that were summoned as servants. After fighting his way through the horde of spooks, he made his way to the only safe place on the campus, the Dean’s office. It was there that he had met with the only three survivors. The Dean, the most prized student and a secretary.

The three gave Mitch information about what happened at the academy, as well as information on where he should go next. The pointed him in the direction of the Illuminati archives, where Beaumont should gone to. Thanking them for the information before taking his own leave of the place. Hurrying along down to the vault before coming across his target as soon as he stepped foot into the archives. Listening to Beaumont rant about some great plan that he had, as well as the fact that he seemed to have been the key to the goings on the island. However, the man did not take the opportunity to kill Mitchell, citing that, even if he did then the bees would just bring him back to life. As such, he rushed out of the archives before causing the entrance to cave in, thus trapping Mitch. However, this did not deter him, as such he began to look around the archives for what Beaumont wanted.

Using clues and hints from the past parts of his investigation, he eventually found it in the form of a book. Quickly taking the item for himself before rushing out of the archives after finding a tunnel that led to the surface. After escaping, he began to look over the book in question. Taking note of a small card, with a name and address, he decided to use that as his next clue and took off to the house in question.

After arriving at the location in question, he found the property to be not quite as abandoned as he had thought it would have been. Finding out that there was still an old woman living in the house, seemingly oblivious to the on goings of the world around her. It was there that she had informed Mitch of the spirits in the house, as well as the fact that her late husband, the one that the card had mentioned, had a secret study somewhere in the house.

Deciding that finding this study would lead him to his next, big clue, Mitchell began to search the house high and low. Eventually he encountered the spirit of the husband himself, who began to lead him to small clues that he had left behind. Eventually he found the study, and with it the notes that were left behind. After finding the notes, Mitch was lead to the next place in his journey, a spot called the Blue Ridge mines.

Getting to the mines was not an easy task, first he found clues to other survivors on that part of the island, following one path lead him to a trap set up by a pack of wendigo, monsters that were once humans who cannibalized. The other one took him across a bridge filled with zombies. As it turned out, the bridge actually took him directly to where the other survivors were held up at, as well as a division of Homeland Security. Intrigued, especially when they recognized him as Illuminati, Mitch decided to help them out with a task concerning the local population of Sasquatch. Following the clues that he was given, as well as ending up fighting people who were similar to the ones that he had encountered during his vision, he found himself at the local Bigfoot tribe.

At first he wondered how he was going to communicate with the creatures, however his connection with Gaea took care of that problem. The tribe reached out to him for help on arming themselves against the coming darkness. Agreeing, he helped the group scavenge parts to make weapons and armor, as well as reactivated ward around the island. After taking care of their needs, he took off towards his original target, the mines. Once there, he found himself needing to explore the tunnels for what seemed to be forever. However, he eventually succeeded in finding the room where Beaumont went.

After, once again, gloating over his own supremacy, something that riled up Mitchell enough to attack the man while he was talking. Unfortunately, the blast of Anima that he sent towards him was deflected, causing the man to gloat further. After saying his piece, as well as introducing the mountain itself as being some sort of engine that kept the world turning, Beaumont unleashed his own power into the rock. Causing filth to spread throughout the mountain, and end covering and overwhelming, Mitchell. After passing out, he found himself waking up outside of the mine.

A woman, and her daughter had helped to clear the corruption from his body, before introducing themselves as members of the local Native American tribe. After a bit of banter, the two agreed to help Mitchell, telling him to help gather their family at a sacred monument. Deciding that his quickest, and best bet would be to seek out a man named “Old Joe”, who seemed to be head of the family. Upon finding him, he successfully persuaded him to help out against the coming darkness. The man then left, gathering the rest of his family before ushering both them, and Mitch, up to the monument.

Upon arriving, the group explained to the young, Illuminati member, that they were going to bless him with the Anima of their ancestors, thus multiplying his strength in order to defeat Beaumont. After accepting the gift, he found himself filled with an overwhelming increase in power. In fact, he felt as though he could run twenty laps around the world. Now feeling more than ready to take on the Big bad, single-handedly, Mitch left, giving the family his deepest thanks, before going back to Beaumont.

Finding the man back at the mines, gathering his strength from the engine before immediately engaging in combat with him. The man had fought hard against Mitch, but was no match for his newly acquired power. As a result, Beaumont had succumb to the wounds that Mitch had inflicted upon him. After defeating him, Mitchell was about to grab a hold of the sword before being sucked into a black portal. After arriving at the end of it, he found himself in the middle of an ice cave. Surrounding him was equipment that had been left by an excavation team from Norway.

After wandering through the cave for a bit, before finding himself being led by a loud voice. Intrigued by what the mystery voice was offering, he heard it out, watching scenes about what the creature offered to other people. Eventually he found himself at the edge of a cliff, overlooking some form of a cosmic anomaly, the voice stated that it wanted to give him a gift of power. At the edge of the cliff, sat a table with an actual present sitting on top of it. At first, Mitch was sorely tempted to take the box. However, upon reminding himself about the lessons that his parents taught him about taking gifts from strangers, he refused.

Eventually a portal opened to take him back to the outside of the mine. Finding the sword to be gone, while Beaumont was incapacitated, Mitch found his phone to be ringing. On the other end was Kirsten, who was extremely angry at him for not picking up earlier, and letting the sword get away. But she told him to return to the labyrinth as soon as possible. Feeling extremely tired, especially after having expended so much of his Anima, he decided to head back to New York as fast as possible.

Upon arriving, he was ushered into Kirsten’s office to give her the rundown of his first mission. The woman gave him the basic information on the girl who took the sword, the one that happened to have been Beaumont’s partner. Though thankfully they already know where she was. As for Beaumont himself, he was currently in detainment. Still Kirsten congratulated him on a relative job well done, despite the fact that the entire mission went sour, but thankfully he wasn’t the only who messed it up.

So, after being shooed out of her office, he found himself flanked by two other agents. The two quickly knocked him unconscious and dragged him into another room, with a desk, papers and computer. Upon waking up he found himself faced with a different woman this time. One who introduced the current room as being Questions and Answers. After being chewed, and having his loyalty questioned, the woman urged him to do a better job next time before leaving. Once she was gone, he felt himself being curious and took a look at the papers that were left on the table.

Giving them a look over, he found it to be a list of agents whose funding was being scrutinized. However, only one of them seemed to be held in question. Deciding to investigate this matter, he left for the agent’s office. Thankfully, he found it empty, and the man’s computer on, though it was locked by a password. After searching through the office for clues, he eventually found one in the form of the man’s dog. Typing in the name, and happily finding that it actually worked.

Looking through the files, he found himself staring at a shipment of good leading out of the country. Following this mysterious lead, he eventually found a truck that was mentioned within the memo. Hiding on the back of it, before finding himself being taken to a warehouse filled with crates upon crates.

After wandering around for a while, he eventually found the agent’s corpse, broken and torn to shreds. After searching his body, Mitch was able to find the man’s chip torn out of his body. However, as soon as he was finished, the lights were shut off. Alarmed he began to race towards the entrance of the building, though he found himself fighting against undead creatures that had broken themselves out of the crates. Successfully fighting his way through the horde of creatures, and escaping from building.

Making his way back to the labyrinth, before handing over the chip to another one of his handlers. This time it was one that worked in a server room, collecting and analyzing data that he brought in. Telling her what happened before being hushed; as she already knew what he was doing after Q&A had found him snooping around the dead agent’s computer. After a brief conversation, the woman was able to track the shipment in question to a place in Egypt. Eventually he handed over the dead agent’s chip.

After being ushered out of the server room, he had decided to take a quick break before moving on to his next assignment. Taking the day to relax in the Labyrinth, as well as pull up as much data on the Secret world as possible, finding incredible truths as he did so. Such as the fact that the bee’s were returning, there are eleven days missing and that just about every legend and conspiracy that he ever heard was pretty much true to an extent. Once the next day dawned on him, he gained a phone call from the Pyramidion himself, or the man who was up at the top most part of the pyramid. The man had caught some unsettling evidence of another traitor in their midst. As a result, he decided to contact Mitch as a result of his earlier achievements.

Following the mystery man’s instructions to go to investigate a parking garage where the traitor was last seen. Upon arriving, he hacked into the parking garage’s security feed. Following his boss’s instructions and warnings, he eventually came across the body of another agent, one who was not Illuminati. After a quick identity check, it was found that the man was a Templar. Deciding that the agent was, indeed, a traitor for conspiring with the Templars, the Pyramidion dismissed Mitchell, but not before giving him a warning that there were individuals who were corrupted with filth approaching him.

Fighting his way back to the surface before going back to the Labyrinth. However, as soon as he arrived, the All-Seeing-Eye, AKA, his boss once again contacted him. Finding out that he had been given a promotion, as well as a “get out of jail free card”. He told Mitch to go back to his business. Deciding that it would be best to take the rest of today off as well, before digging through the information network once more.

Personality: Mitchell, after joining the Illuminati, as well as having faced down the unspeakable horrors that were found in Kingsmouth, has had quite a personality. Before joining the group he was already an individual with a curiosity for the world around him. This is partly due to his life before, having found it to be extremely dull and normal, he sought out different mysteries around him. However, after being introduced to the Secret world, he found that curiosity to have been multiplied, with a dash of paranoia. It doesn’t help that he had already gone through his own investigations on the truth of the world after returning to New York. As a result, he does not fully trust everyone around him anymore, preferring now to question everything around him; something that actually appeared when he was tempted by the gift from the voice.

Of course this also has it’s own positives as well. Due to the nature of his work, as well as the world he found himself in, Mitch needs to analyze every little detail around him, something that could be seen when he investigated the questioned agent after being released from Q&A. Something that just about every Illuminati agent learns to pick up. Those that don’t are quickly cut from the group. However, unlike his contemporaries, he is not completely cold hearted.

Due to the fact that he has not been in the society long enough yet to completely mold his mind into their way of thinking, he does not view everyone as expendable assets. This trait could even be seen back on Solomon Island, where he did actively help out others along the way. However, most of those that he had helped were mostly just on his way during the mission. Just because he isn’t completely cold hearted does not mean that he is not a businessman. He still expects some form of compensation for his actions from time to time. Though in truth this was more of a trait that he had picked up from his father, than something he picked up from the Illuminati.

Another trait that he had gained, as both a result of his curiosity, as well as the fact that he was now stuck in a life style that he would not be able to escape from, is courage. In fact, this is probably one of his more important parts of his personality. Without that courage, he would have found himself stuck in rut somewhere back on Solomon Island, or worse, in New York, still debating as to whether or not he should look for the Illuminati. It is also what helped to steel his will against the horrors that he had faced, from maddened spirits, to unspeakable horrors straight out of one of Lovecraft’s books.

However, in addition to everything that he had gained, Mitchell also grasped a hold of one or two strange quirks. One of the most noticeable is his using modern day memes and other, pop culture references as he speaks. As to how he started doing it, it was mainly just something that he had gained from the other agents around the Labyrinth, as well as from the Pyramidion himself. The Illuminati as a whole are very infamous for their “nonsense speak”. That being, that they will sometimes make such references as they talk to others. Nobody really knows why they do it, though it is most likely some form of a code, like a Universal greeting. Though Mitchell himself is still far too low on the food chain to understand it quite yet, as well as only uses it on occasion, he still caught on to it.

Another quirk that he had caught onto is the wearing of a gasmask and suite, the staple of the Illuminati dress. Once again, why the Illuminati wear gasmasks is beyond anyone’s comprehension. Though it might just have something to do with them being ready for almost any eventuality. That includes chemical, and biological, attacks. Of course, if that is the case, then it helps to fit Mitchell’s own, paranoia even more. Of course he is not the only one who wears it, and most members, including Mitchell himself, claim that they just like to rock the “gasmask chic”. Something that Mitch really likes to assert whenever he is questioned about it.

A third quirk is that he enjoys seeking out new information, somewhat of a side effect to his curiosity. He does not like not knowing something and being left in the dark. If push comes to shove, he will do almost whatever it takes to gain some form of information. Whether it is about the location of the Ark of the Covenant, or a Senator’s latest affair. What’s more is that the Illuminati like to stoke flame like that. Due to the sole fact that they are an information network, Mitchell is encouraged to take his own initiative to finding out different forms of information. Thus this trait is one of his most dominant, and possible one of his most important, if not more important, traits. And it will only continue to grow as time goes on. Just like the Illuminati, his thirst for knowledge is unquenchable.

One more quirk, and personality trait, of his is that he, like most Illuminati, are obsessed with idea of control. Whether it’s money, government agencies or even other people and creatures. Though many of the members have their own reasons for being obsessed over it, this includes Mitchell. After going through the dull life of one of the huddled masses, Mitchell does not like the idea of following the crowd, while a small elite, like the Illuminati, puppeteers everyone. That includes him. He would much rather be the own holding the strings of others if it means that he can have autonomy over his own life. To that end, he finds solace, and freedom within the very idea of control. Whether it’s controlling the lives and freedom of others, or the information network. If it means that no one is pulling his strings, then he’s just fine. To that end, he has decided to begin his accent to the top of the Illuminati’s pyramid. And he is more than willing to bribe or backstab anyone who gets in his way of controlling the strings.

Abilities: After having swallowed that bee, Mitchell found his ability to use his Anima to have been unlocked. While just about anyone can use the power, it can take a normal person years to perfect any amount of control over it. The reason why Mitch was able to control in such a short time is because of the bees. They essentially granted him the ability to learn, and pick up traits and skills far more quickly than other humans.

What is Anima? It is the life force that all living beings carry within their body. Essentially it allows him to create different forms of energy to help shape the world around him. In other words, magic. Magic that he able to use either in it’s raw form, energy blasts, or in a more refined form, blood magic.

It is why he is able to master his spells so quickly as well. Though that does not mean that he doesn’t have any trouble. Like most people it can still take a while before he is able to fully use spells. In fact, the main reason why he chose blood magic, was due in part to the fact that he found it easy to channel his Anima through blood. The reason for this is because blood carries living cells. And living creatures, such as cellular organisms, carry Anima. Meaning that it is easier for him to use a spell and channel his life force through blood.

Blood magic

Of course that doesn’t mean that he can only use it for spells. He is also able to use it to increase his stamina, strength, and speed. And he doesn’t have to just channel through his own body. He is also able to use it on different weapons and objects, such as his assault rifle. He is able to increase the strength of the material an item is made of, as well as increase it’s performance. In the case of a gun, he can strengthen the ammunition that the weapon fires, allowing for better penetration, accuracy and distance. Plus, if he runs out of ammunition, he is able to use his Anima in place of bullets. These bullets allow him to cause explosions, control their flight path (they are a part of his being.) and heal friendly targets, as well as himself. However, they are also weaker than actual bullets, and can take several shots before they are able to kill, or seriously injure, anything.

Assault rifle

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You know that feeling of unease that you get when face with the unknown? Well that was what Mitchell was feeling right now. Only it was ten times as worse. He did not like not knowing. Especially when the tower was filled with so many mysteries, and has yet to be touched by the Eye and Pyramid. It seemed like every little bump, noise and shadow had to be investigated. It was even worse at night, when all of those things seemed to triple as people went to bed.

Well everyone, but him, seemed to go to bed.

He did not trust anything about the tower at all. Not when the only eyes and ears he had thus far were the computers that they had been granted. Though perhaps he could find a way to use those same computers to hack into their system? It might be worth a try.

Perhaps he could even find a way to remove that damned collar.

That was what he hated the most about this tower was the collar. It made him feel as though he was just a dog. One that was meant to only be observed, studied and experimented on. He absolutely hated it. Though he still kept silently to himself for the most part, meeting with only a select few that he found to be interesting. But most of his time had been spent on the computers, looking over the information network, attempting to solve other people’s puzzles while looking for any clues as to the nature of the tower.

Though he was pretty positive that he already had an idea as to what it was meant for. But it never hurt to try and confirm your theories. After all, everything in the world is true.


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